BALTIC SPA - live actively

The north is making you fit.

Wheather for beginners or advanced, our trainers create, together with you, your personal work out program and use:

  • Milon-machine-circle, (with expert instructions and programming of your personal work out card)
  • free weight area with long- an short weights
  • our weekly course program is available at the SPA reception (€ 10,00 per course / about 30 minutes such as back-fit, fatburner, active stomach-tights-butt courses)

Nutrition Counselling

In a personal conversation, our nutrionist is developing a latest analysis of your personal fitness. After the should analysis is created, you will receive your personal weekplan and nutrition tips for your home.

Price per person: € 35,00
Time: about 30 minutes

Active Analysis

Our team checks the fat content, the movement abilty and the body strength.

Price per person: € 32,00
Time: about 30 minutes

Individual Training

In a personal conversation, our trainer is developing a latest analysis of your personal fitness and ceates a personal training schedule.

First participant: € 60,00
Every further participant: € 35,00

Time: about 30 minutes