Accessibility in the Hotel

Available space and easy accessibility of the controls are particularly important for wheelchair users in the hotel.

Our hotel has marked parking in the underground garage. The hotel entrance to the hotel is also barrier-free (stepless access). Since our restaurants and a disabled toilet on the ground floor, you can also reach them continuously. The movement area in front of the elevators is 150 cm x 150 cm. Our elevators are 90 cm x 210 cm.

Passages, Movement Areas and Meeting Place

The passageways such as e.g. hallways have a width of 125 cm and the door frames are 90 cm wide. Movement areas, i.e. areas on which a change of direction with the wheelchair should be possible, must be at least 150 cm x 150 cm. This also applies to all living spaces. This is also given in our house.

Furthermore, in our house so-called meeting places on which two wheelchair users could accommodate. These are at least 180 cm x 180 cm tall. All these areas are not restricted by furnishings. In addition, the existing thresholds have a maximum height of 2 cm.

Optimum Height for Wheelchair Users

The placement of controls is derived from the reach heights of wheelchair users. For example, switches, sockets and door openers must be installed at a height of 38 cm - 122 cm. The switches in our house have a height of 110 cm and the door opener 105 cm.

Barrier-free Toilet in the Hotel

For a barrier-free bathroom, the legislator recommends rooms with dimensions of at least 180 cm x 220 cm. The WC has a height of 48 cm and the movement room in the bathroom is 140 cm x140 cm. The space for a companion next to the toilet is 30 cm.

Movable grab handles with a height of 85 cm (top edge) are available as well as a stable shower seat. The floor consists of a non-slip surface, which is especially true in the shower area. The shower is infinitely passable. The washbasin is accessible and has a height of 80 cm, a shelf with a mirror at a height of 100 cm is also available.

Two disabled-friendly Double Rooms Elegance to the Land Side

On about 20 square meters - 25 square meters, our hotel room Elegance offers you a place to relax. The cozy atmosphere invites you to relax and the extra-large bed to long-winded dreams. The minimum width next to the bed is 150 cm. From the balcony you can enjoy the view of the countryside on our well-kept park.

The disabled-accessible double rooms have a connecting door to another double room Elegance which can be used by carers or family members.